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Arsenale of Venice

Arsenale of Venice

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Scientific center


In the beautiful setting of the Venice Arsenal, IALC participated in the construction of the new headquarters of the Marine Sciences Institute of the CNR: the Ismar. The work is the result of the recovery of an old building, which goes alongside the historic site of Riva Sette Martiri, which in future projects will have a museum destiny open to the city. The fascinating container, made up of old brick walls and large support columns in Istrian stone. The new project containing scientific laboratories on the ground floor, offices and meeting rooms on the first level that has been recovered using the technique called box in the box. It is detached as if it were a separate casing and wrapped in the original context of the ancient modular sheds. The steel, in addition to being used to create the volumes of the new project, was also used for the consolidation of the ancient nineteenth-century roofs consisting of metal trusses, wooden crosspieces and terracotta tiles.
Building: Arsenale of Venice
Location: Venice
Year of execution: 2009
Project: Cecchetto & Associates