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Cereal Docks

Cereal Docks

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Directional Building

Camisano Vicentino (VI)

The architectural complex built with the collaboration of IALC, occupies an area of about 10 thousand square meters and is located in the south-east of Camisano Vicentino, in the province of Vicenza. The Headquarter of Cereal Docks is a real flagship thanks to the high design standard that meets the most advanced criteria of green technology. The construction systems used by IALC are aimed at integrating natural factors into the project, such as the control and management of direct solar radiation on opaque and transparent surfaces through important interventions to insulate and a device of mobile and orientable sunscreen panels according to the solar cycles. High standards also for the construction materials used, such as the large heat-insulated curtain walls and high-performance glass curtain walls. All this constitutes the new headquarters of Cereal Docks, an Italian group, active for 36 years in the first agri-food transformation that over time has been able to diversify processes and products to interface today with different sectors, from feed to food to the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical one.
Building: Cereal Docks Headquarter
Location: Camisano Vicentino (VI)
Year of execution 2016
Project: Arch. Aldo Peressa