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Daniela Dallavalle Headquarter

Daniela Dallavalle Headquarter

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The “Baracca sul Mare”, this is how the innovative headquarters in Carpi of Daniela Dallavalle Spa has been redefined. A solid and dynamic company that today has a distribution all over the world. “A place where you can feel at easy, where to dream and where I can make you dream with me too”: this is how the entrepreneur Daniela Dallavalle defined the new headquarters of the company which will become the new headquarters of the company that she leads together with her husband, Giuliano Cavaletti, children and a large staff of collaborators .The new headquarters of the company, a space of 6 thousand square meters with zero impact on the environment, has costed 15 million euros and is futuristic and technological, embellished with an exclusive architecture. The external envelope, curated by IALC, includes curtain walls, aluminium windows and doors and a coverings that create the work studied by the architect.
Building Daniela Dallavalle Headquarter
Location Carpi (MO)
Year of execution 2015
Project B + B Associates