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Directional Building


Among the main producers of metal components, for over half a century Mevis has been an authoritative point of reference for all the most advanced production companies on the international market. The design idea arises from the image of tectonic movement that extracts a volume from the subsoil that ideally takes shape in the large metal volume above ground. In the resulting underground void, he creates the large production space, equipped with large glass walls, with the aim of giving an environmental sensation equal, if not better, than that of the above ground floor. The north-east corner of the volume, through a bridge element, connects to another building, which has a parabolic planimetric shape, which with other internal compositional and decorative elements, finds reference in the tension of steel, the main material worked by company. In this work there are IALC windows and curtain walls, as well as solar shading and cladding for ventilated facades.
Building Mevis Headquarter
Location: Rosà (VI)
Year of execution: 2008
Project: Alberto Fracca Architect