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Petronas Lubrificants International

Petronas Lubrificants International

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Directional building


The new Petronas research center is located in a municipality on the outskirts of Turin: Santena. The industrial complex is located on an area of 80,000 square meters, of which about 17,000 square meters are covered, consisting of two main interconnected buildings: one used as an office and the other as a production department. The design of the building was created to have a green impact with respect to the surrounding environment, with dynamic shapes and cutting-edge technology with the colors of green, gray and blue, inserted in a territory with a strongly agricultural tradition. The overall design, aimed at obtaining the LEED Gold certificate, was based on the concepts of environmental sustainability, considered as an essential value of a correct operating methodology, rather than pure communication and a search for external appreciation. The construction materials chosen ensure in any case a high degree of thermal insulation that exceeds the regulatory requirements, together with an internal ventilation system that exploits the natural recirculation of air without the need for massive air conditioning systems.
Building: Petronas Lubrificant International
Location: Santena (TO)
Year of execution: 2018
Project: 967 Associated Architects & Broadway Malyan Ltd