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AWS 114


Innovative window technologies with a flexible design and easy to install

The Schüco AWS 114 openable façade is synonymous with high efficiency in construction, installation and use – even in the Schüco AWS 114 highly insulated version, with parallel or protruding opening. The aesthetics of the innovative system with large sash format can be seamlessly integrated into different facade geometries – even with sash weights up to 250 kg. The wide range of glazing allows the creation of customized solutions to meet specific thermal insulation requirements, for example triple glazing and with thicknesses up to 52 mm.

In the version with staggered glass execution (Schüco AWS 114 SG, Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI) or with standard insulating glass and glazing beads (Schüco AWS 114, Schüco AWS 114.SI), the push-in opening offers a wide range of design variants in almost all Schüco facade systems.




  • Schüco AWS 114 thermal insulation opening: glass thickness from 24 mm to 44 mm
  • Schüco AWS 114 openable, with high thermal insulation: triple glazing and glass thickness from 28 mm to 52 mm
  • SI version: Uf values up to 1.3 W / (m²K)


  • Aesthetically invisible integration without compromising the geometric uniformity of the facade
  • Types of opening: top-hung window and with parallel opening


  • Possibility of drive with retractable Schüco TipTronic motorization


  • Safety in class 0 and 4: for the version with outward opening or parallel opening thanks to the anti-crushing seal completely integrated in the profile, as indicated in the VFF KB information sheet (can be opened by motorized control)
  • Fall arrest device with energy absorbing opening limiter
  • Anti-burglary RC2

Advanced features

  • 2 types of glazing: staggered panes and standard insulating glass with continuous glazing beads
  • Possibility of designing elements with considerable dimensions and weight of the door, with manual or motorized Schüco TipTronic equipment, and the highest levels of transparency
  • Optimized system requiring low handling forces
  • Integrated retractable mechanism for versions with manual outward opening


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Product AWS 114

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